Research and Teaching Interest: 

  • Chinese politics (elite politics and grassroots politics)
  • Civil society, social capital, and social organization
  • International Relations with a focus on East Asia
  • Disaster response and crisis management
  • Global environmental politics with a focus on hydro-politics
  • International Political Economy 

Courses Taught:

Latest teaching evaluations: [2016] [2017a][2017b][2017c][2018a][2018b][2018c]

Selected Publications:

  • Taiyi Sun, “Deliberate Differentiation for Outsourcing Responsibilities: The Logic of China’s Behavior toward Civil Society Organizations,” China Quarterly (Upcoming)
  • Taiyi Sun, “The Skeptical Society in Rural Sichuan,” in Philanthropy in China: Past, Today, and Future, Caroline Reeves Ed., in Mandarin, Fudan University Press (Upcoming)
  • Taiyi Sun, 2019, Review of The Politics of Compassion: The Sichuan Earthquake and Civic Engagement in China, by Bin Xu, China Information, March, 33(1).
  • Taiyi Sun, 2018, “Civic Transformation in the Wake of the Wenchuan Earthquake: State, Society, and the Individual,” Made in China, 3(1): 66-70.
  • Taiyi Sun, 2018, Review of Shaken Authority: China’s Communist Party and the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake, by Christian P. Sorace, Journal of Chinese Political Science, 23(2): 307-308.
  • Taiyi Sun, 2017, “Earthquakes and the Typologies of State-CSO Relations in China: A Dynamic Framework,” China Information, November.
  • Suzanne Lea and Taiyi Sun, 2014, “Diversity in the Facilitated Classroom” in Controversial History Education in Asian Contexts, Edited by Mark Baildon, Kah Seng Loh, Ivy Maria Lim, Gül İnanç, Junaidah Jaffar, Routledge [About the book
  • Taiyi Sun, 2010, “China’s Pegged Exchange Rate and its Political Economy”, Journal of International Service, Spring [pdf]                                                                                                                               

Talks, Conferences, and Workshop Presentations

  • American Political Science Association (APSA) panel paper presentation: “The Origin of Social Capital: Great Transformation in Quake-stricken China", 2016
  • American Political Science Association (APSA) panel paper presentation: “Perceptions of civil society organizations in rural China: the skeptical society”, 2016
  • Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA) panel paper presentation: “The Origin of Social Capital”, 2016
  • American Political Science Association (APSA) panel paper presentation: “Civil Society Organizations under Authoritarian Rule”, 2015
  • Zhejiang University, Featured guest speaker: “Earthquake and Social Capital Accumulation”, 2015
  • Fudan University, conference on Chinese Philanthropy: Past, Today and the Future. Presented paper: “Perceptions of Charitable Organizations in Rural Sichuan”, 2015
  • Harvard Graduate School of Education, Conference on: Civic and Moral Education in China. Presented paper: “The Civic Moral and Educational Challenges in Rural China”, 2015
  • Harvard Kennedy School, “Elite Politics and the Anti-Corruption Campaign” organizer and moderator, 2015
  • Boston University, Panel talk on Civil Society in China. Presentation given on: “Skeptical Society: Civil Society in China”, 2015
  • Beijing Normal University, Featured guest speaker: “The origin of social capital?”, 2014
  • Harvard Shanghai Center, Symposium on Cultivating Civic Consciousness in China. Paper presented: “Earthquake and Civil Society in China since the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake”, 2014
  • Harvard Kennedy School, panel speaker: “Chinese Politics: Perspectives on China Today”, 2014
  • Harvard University Ash Center, Featured guest speaker: “Disaster Response and Civil Society”, 2014                          
  • American University, Featured guest speaker: “Research Methods and doing fieldwork in China”, 2014
  • Harvard University Chinese Politics Research Workshop, Featured speaker: “Earthquake and Social Capital Accumulation”, 2014
  • MIT, Featured guest speaker: “Philanthropy and Public Welfare”, 2014
  • Harvard University, Featured speaker: “Disasters and the Myth of Civil Society Formation in China”, 2014
  • Mutually Assured Restraint Task Force member, George Washington University, Washington DC. [See here], 2014                
  • American Political Science Association Teaching and Learning Conference, “What IF Students Asked the Questions?: Student-Facilitated Policy Discussion in the University Classroom”, 2014
  • American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, “Community empowerment in the marginalized population in urban areas”, 2013
  • Harvard University Ash Center, Featured guest speaker: “Developmental States and Environment”, 2013
  • American Sociology Association Annual Conference, “The IF method in the Facilitated Classrooms”, 2013
  • Harvard University China Education Forum, presentation: “Citizenship and Social Innovation”, 2013
  • Brown University Echo Symposium, Featured guest speaker: “Social Innovation: People, Money and the new approaches”, 2013
  • Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations, panelist, Panelist: “Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation”, 2013
  • TEDxHFLS talk, Featured guest speaker: “Mind the Gap: Turning ideas into Impact”, 2013
  • American Political Science Association Teaching and Learning Conference, “Diversity and Controversy in the Facilitated Classroom”, 2013 
  • American University Washington Semester Program Guest Speaker, “Cross-Culture Communications”, 2013
  • Fudan University Advanced Forum on In-Depth Research on China, “Contemporary China Studies with the Social Sciences’ Perspective” July, Shanghai China, 2012
  • National University of Singapore, “History as Controversy: Writing and Teaching Contentious Topics in Asian Histories” November, Singapore, 2011
  • Harvard Yanching Institute and Nanjing University International Workshop on China Studies, “Social Stratification and Citizenship” July, Nanjing China, 2011
  • 5th Taiwan Conference: Global Forum of Chinese Political Scientists, “China-U.S. Relations and New Thinking of Cross-Strait Relations” October, Washington DC, 2010
  • Nanjing University International Workshop on China Studies, “The China Experience under the Global Context” July, Nanjing China, 2010

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